Unboxing experience

The aim of this project is to explore the possible ways in which incorporating simple mechanisms can improve the unboxing experience through interaction

University Project

l  7 Weeks

Importance of packaging

Besides the primary function of every package, which is to protect the inner item, packaging has been an important part of marketing for years. Because it is the first thing consumers see and interact with. The advancement of technology has made the process of creating packages very easy, boxes with higher tolerance that are made of sustainable materials. And by reaching its peak, Design and experience have gained the attention of the brands, helping them sell a product in every sector, whether it be critical, responsible, or just commercial.

How to maximize user engagement with the package?




Unboxing experience

When it comes to expensive products, users want to feel that it was worth it to invest that amount of money, and this should be delivered when they see, touch, and interact with the package. A bad design and experience can discourage one from buying the same brand. 

One of the things that can be done is to design an unboxing experience through interaction with the box. It is a particularly suitable answer when it comes to medium-size packages of more expensive gadgets or luxury products. 


This approach is more popular with smart gadgets as it represents innovation, technology, and intelligence.



INBOX is a set of packages that interact with the user in the process of unboxing. This interaction happens through simple mechanisms and is propelled by human power while opening.

This set is just a demonstration of much broader possibilities and mechanisms in this area.

How does it work?

For the phone and headphones packages, there is a base that the device is put on. Through a set of ribbon on each side, this base rotates when the user starts to open the box. For the perfume packaging, the user pulls down a ring around the package, which again, through a set of ribbons, it haul the perfume while revolving it, to maximize the interaction.

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The power of facial expression

In a demonstration of the mechanism, a low-resolution prototype of one of the packages (Smartphone) was built. This procedure proved that the starting point of the rotation, length of the ribbon, and the width of the lids is a determiner in order to deliver the correct mechanism.

In an experiment, eight users were asked to interact with this working prototype and unbox it. Out of this number, seven showed immediate facial expression, and one -as was said by herself- was confused at first, in the process of understanding the interaction. In the end, the intention was to stimulate users’ emotions.