Emergency system

The project aims to decrease the emergency risks by providing an innovative utilization for raised pavement markers

University Project

l  5 Weeks

The crisis

Unregulated construction and development have turned Tehran, a city of 14 million, (and any other major cities) into one of the world’s worst places for traffic jams. This has resulted in pollution, and other problems such as late arrivals, especially for ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars during emergencies, resulting in thousands of deaths, injuries, and damages.

To tackle this issue, a variety of possible solutions were considered, the most optimal of which was to use an existing product and bringing it into a new application. We studied road Studs and incorporated our idea into its core of functionality.

Road Studs

In essence, raised pavement markers are used to improve driving safety by delineating road edges and centerlines. However, by the advancement of technology, the simple plastic studs have become reflective, hosting lights and just recently, solar and smart. This development brought new applications to these products.

These high-tech studs helped designers and planners to find new ways to improve safety. some EU countries provided funds to develop INROADS, a smart road studs project. The Ray C. Anderson foundation designed a stud system that can signal drivers of upcoming dangers.

Path of Life

During emergencies, time plays the most important role. The goal in this project is to incorporate a new service to street studs to signal the drivers and inform them of an emergency a few minutes in advance, so they will have enough time to clear the path for the emergency vehicles to accomplish their task.
The process of cars moving out of the emergency lane when the raised pavement markers turn on

Like other smart studs, the main components are a solar panel for powering the system, LED lights, and a transmitter/receiver.

The last component activates the system by the commands received from the emergency department or starts automatically with the proximity of emergency vehicles.