Abolfazl Ghaderi

Life is Long, Take your Time

You’ve probably heard it a lot, “Life is short, appreciate it, smile, use it, be happy, and don’t waste it.” Just take a second and google “Life is short” You’ll get thousands of quotes, very inspirational as images that you could put on your timeline or even set them as your profile picture, as a way to explain what you are doing with your life. The things that deep down you know are not necessarily right.

Let’s take a look at some famous “Life is short” quotes. Well, there aren’t many, except for just a few texts by well-known authors. All others are just elegant lines by random websites. But who wrote them, who concluded that life is short? Well, it doesn’t matter. Because whoever addressed it for the first time, others accepted it. It is a universal belief. If they tell you life is short, you are probably going to agree, and when you read the inspiring quotes, you find it very accurate in your heart. Do you feel the same if they tell you that life is long?

The hashtag #LifeIsShort has just passed 1.5 million posts on Instagram, which is actually very few compared to #LifeIsGood or #LifeIsBeautiful. But #LifeIsLong is only more than 5000 posts.
Looking at the first 200 posts, we can see that most of the pictures are from very stylish women outdoor, which means that they are photographically enjoying their lives. However, this is just the nature of Instagram. Diving down a little deeper, we can see that the captions are mostly the same. cliché statements about life being short, so enjoy it(waste it?!).
My question is before they plan to go out and put on nice clothes, were they thinking “I am doing this because I believe life is short”? Let me put it in another way.

Do we try to enjoy our life because we think life is short?


Honest answer? I don’t know. Something for you to think about.
The reason I am writing this article is that I’ve tried to adjust my route. There are notes on the Internet that goes, “well, now that you know life is short, you should better stop wasting your time and start to make an effort to reach your goals and enjoy your life at the same time.” Although no one ever tells you to hurry up, you feel a rush in yourself and think you are falling behind. The clock is ticking, and you achieved very little. Then you might tell yourself that it’s not worth it. I want to enjoy myself, be a good person, and live my life. #LifeIsShort.

For me, everything changed a few years ago. When NBC interviewed Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind the hit musical Broadway show, “Hamilton.” After seeing all of his success, we should probably pay attention to him. Everything he says arises from his experience. In response to what he knows now that he didn’t know when he was 20, Miranda replied:

I know now that life is not short. It’s long. You think it’s an amazing first draft, then you realize what ten whacks at it can do to it, and you learn you didn’t know anything.

                                       – Lin-Manuel Miranda

When we see Lin-Manuel Miranda who spent about ten years of his life on this masterpiece, one year alone on “My Shot,” you know that the man has a point. So I said to myself, let’s do the same. Let’s think that life is long and nothing more, just like what we see on the internet, “life is not short if you know how to use it.” just a little differently, “life is long, take your time”. I wrote it on a small paper and put it on the wall. The first thing I noticed was that there was no stress anymore. I live a life that deadlines matter the most; because of my studies, my country, life changes everyday basing on people’s decisions. So just a glance at the notes on my wall soothed me whenever I did something wrong. I’m only human, I make mistakes, and sometimes I waste my time. But it’s all all right; take your time and start your day after watching the movie. And what if I don’t get accepted into my favorite university? I can try for it next year because life is long and I can try harder, and so on. the result was everything that was missing from my life. I was actually more productive. My new projects are a huge step up compared to the older ones. I can think better and do more while enjoying my life. To put it in a sentence:

when you believe that life is long, you live like life is short.


Believing in “life is long” doesn’t mean that you should waste it. It means you should start whenever possible, and there are the least feels of guilt when you start late. “Life is long” shouldn’t and wouldn’t discourage you from living your life. It gives you the motivation and awareness that you might fail, you might make mistakes, and waste your time, but there is always time for you to make up for it. It means that sometimes for you to achieve something, it might take a lot of time and effort; but you can do it if you don’t rush into anything and take your time. I believe the people who live for the future and think about their future endeavors and dilemmas are the ones who can better accept that life is actually long.

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