Hello, this is my portfolio

I design

Hello, this is my portfolio

I design for

Hi there, I'm Abolfazl And...

Four years of studying Industrial Design at Iran University of Science and Technology changed my perspective, not only on the subject itself but also on the ever-changing society around us. My initial interest in styling and making products aesthetically desirable in the first year soon changed by realizing how powerful of knowledge I have gained, from which I can have an impact on society, change behaviors, and save lives. I realized that I have a responsibility to explore further the future impact of my human-centered design in a vaster community, a bigger picture of designing for individuals in a social context.

During my studies, I had the experience of working with professors, teaching, participating in international awards, and conducting a contest, all of which have lead to being selected as the most distinguished student in the final year of my studies. Currently, I am working on my thesis project around improving the safety of commuter bicycles in frontal accidents. I am also conducting research on project OCOR (Reducing the impact of cigarette filters on birds).

Thinking of human living in a society is the primary context of my ideas. I believe it is a faster approach towards spreading a product between users, as well as killing many problems in their infancy, changing practices, behaviors, and preventing rather than curing. These ideas revolve around four criteria.

Responsibility, as the essence of being a functional member of a community. A duty to have a positive impact on all individuals.


Sustainability, not as a stage or an ending point, but a process, unnoticeably altering behaviors towards our environment.


Technology, as a crucial raw material that needs humanizing as much as possible, based on our needs, emotions, and ethics.


Morality,  as the savior of humanity and meanings.  The foundation of our attitudes that affects our culture, behaviors, and future.